How to Stay Accountable in a World of Distractions & Use Your Gifts for Good

Being accountable means standing in our full power. It means claiming responsibility to live in alignment with our highest good, and therefore the highest good of the planet. This means asking big questions like, “How can I continuously live in accordance with my values?”, ”Are my daily habits supporting my fullest potential?”, or “What do I need to learn to develop my gifts and share them with the world?”.

With such instant access to the internet, there are an infinite amount of distractions and possibilities to explore. We can often get overwhelmed by the various paths set before us. These choices  certainly offer us more power as long as we are able to stay clear in our intentions and focused on what we want to bring into the world. Having an accountability system is essential to keep us in line with our visions and goals.

In becoming accountable, we might review what our authentic desires are and move towards aligning our actions with them. For example, perhaps you deeply value the environment but your actions are not a reflection of that. Being accountable would mean taking the necessary steps to reduce your carbon footprint and even find ways to sequester carbon and build soil. 

Accountability – in other words, putting on the grown-up pants and getting things done over periods of time. If you’re like us, that word can stir up some resistance, especially since there are so many luxuries and simple pleasures readily available to us. It can seem like a sacrifice to emerge from warm bubbles of Netflix, social media and fuzzy blankets to get down to the nitty gritty of where your life path is headed; but are the warm bubbles of comfort we find ourselves actually too comfortable?

We, as millennials have been called the ‘lazy’ generation that expects instant gratification for little work and wants everything handed to us on a silver platter. But if we look a little deeper, we would see that there is a larger issue at hand.

Feeling resistance usually indicates to us that we are moving upstream instead of with the current of our higher calling and happiness. When we feel resistance to move forward in our lives there is a split occurring in our awareness. In this split, we often feel frustration, anxiety, and fear.

On the contrary, when we are in acceptance and adapt to the flow of what life hands to us, accountability feels easy. We feel a sense of 

purpose, inspiration, personal power, excitement, productivity, undivided presence and fulfillment. Accountability goes hand in hand with our personal alignment.

According to Gallup, 2016 71% of millennials are reported to be disengaged at work. This is the least engaged workforce generation yet. We don’t im

agine that the challenges our world faces are going to be solved with a disengaged, apathetic workforce. What we need is a massive shift in perspective. We need to realize that accountability and responsibility are the natural by-products of living in accordance with our integrity and our happiness and that we can create businesses and opportunities ourselves.

So the question then becomes, how do we truly motivate ourselves from a place of wholeness and stay accountable to that way of life?


1. Become aware of and integrate your inner aspects of self.

Fragmentation occurs when our ‘self’ separates into different aspects from trauma. These aspects all have their own unique needs, perspectives and desires. This gives rise to contradictory ideas. For example, one part of us may want to be a teacher while the other wants to hide. Unless there is communication and understanding between the different aspects of ourselves, we become stuck in moving forward and choosing a direction. In order to find harmony we must become aware of these contradictions and initiate an inner dialogue with ourselves. For example, we could ask the part of us that wants to hide why it wants to hide, we can ask this part of us what it would need to feel safe so the other part of us can be in the spotlight?

2. Prioritize how you feel above everything else. 

Take into consideration your short term happiness and your long term well-being. Although sleeping in and drinking alcohol often may make you feel buzzed in the moment, it may not be helpful in the long run. Your emotions will always tell you whether you are in alignment or not. Look beneath the surface when it comes to old patterns and behaviors – do they really make you feel good? Or is the distraction from something else making you feel good? Prioritizing how you feel means reaching a state of relief until you take action. Find ways to genuinely nourish yourself from a place of love, not pressure. Unless action is taken from this place, you will be working harder than necessary, swimming upstream. Finding alignment in our emotions is a crucial step towards using your gifts for good.

3. Become part of an accountability and collaboration program for changemakers.

A quick re-adjustment after reading this article will be helpful, but having others check you on your values, intentions and goals is even more effective. We have created just that group for those who want to be the change they wish to see in the world. Our intimate group of passionate people connect via phone twice a month to stay focused on our goals. The Changemakers Collaborative is a monthly program for accountability, collaboration and opportunity. Following our curriculum, The Changemakers Journey we run through our 10 step process towards holistic leadership and entrepreneurship. The program offers tools, connections, guidance and a community platform for personal and professional growth. This is one way to empower yourself to be the change you wish to see in the world and stick to your goals.


If we have a passion in our hearts to make the world a better place, we can’t do it alone. We need community, clarity of vision and discipline. We can be the change we wish to see in the world and live beautiful and blissful lives but the it requires focus. With a clear plan, goals, accountability and ambition, anything can be accomplished.