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Do you want to use your unique gifts to contribute to the world in a meaningful way?

Do you want to transition into a lifestyle that supports a vibrant you AND a vibrant earth?

Do you feel stuck in a system that limits your potential, freedom, and doesn’t reflect your values?

Be incredibly inspired by our sustainable living experts who have quit the system to pursue a lifestyle that supports their mind, body soul and the planet.

In this free webinar, we’ll take you through a 5 step process to UNLEARN the limiting beliefs that society has taught us and EMPOWER a new way to live in accordance with your passions and desire to make a bigger IMPACT.

We all have a choice to make in this exciting and pivotal moment of living history: to either take hold of our own destiny and leave a positive legacy on the planet, or continue a satisfactory lifestyle that may be feeding our exploitative system.

In this free webinar you will learn how to:

1. Transform apathy into action.

2. Understand when fear is holding you back.

3. Write a new story for your life that fuels you.

4. Create a clear vision for your future and the future of our planet.

5. Find your tribe who will support you.

Let’s choose to create a VIBRANT Earth!

Your Hosts:

Shayna Gladstone is an eco-entrepreneur, co-founding Earth JourneysDream Activation and NuMundo, each organizations promoting transformation. She has considered nature as her temple since she was a child and has always had a deep connection with her. She feels most comfortable living among nature and in community. The past 4 years were spent practicing permaculture, facilitating empowerment workshops, traveling through central and south america all the while, while growing her startup. Shayna’s presence is inspiring and her ability to ignite passion in others is remarkable.

Courtney Devon blends her passion for the earth and passion for people into a synergistic practice of healing, counseling, and educating with nature. She is the co-founder of, Earth Journeys, where she educates and guides people to restore their connection with the natural world as a catalyst for healing, personal empowerment and planetary change. Courtney is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, and Certified Big Leap Coach through the Hendricks Institute. She also a certified permaculture designer, and lives and works by the principles of permaculture, a design system for life informed by patterns and features observed in the natural world.

Bryan Arturo has facilitated retreats & socially impactful gatherings spanning from California to Chile while learning simple ways to honor and regenerate the planet. Over the past 4 years he has supported grassroots movements as a digital nomad and certified permaculturalist on a journey to find a balance between nature and technology. Bryan founded Earth Journeys and is currently living in Ojai, CA where he supports efforts to restore California’s watershed. Bryan’s bursting love and laughter is no joke.

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"Winter greens? More like winter rainbows 🌈 The Farm is bursting with color lately and it’s a great excuse to pause and look a little closer. " #eatyourgreens #eattherainbow ✍️:@coastalrootsfarm 📷 :@coastalrootsfarm
"Whatever the original intentions of this day, in reality what it represents now for most is family and tribe, having it and not having it. And while our yearning for partnership, community, and tribe is deep and sacred, at this time we often find ourselves in conversations in which we simply do not have the skill to “do no harm” or walk away feeling empowered. We grow up hearing we must learn to have boundaries, but receive very little concrete instruction as to what they are!
"The sweetest love 💛
Cottonwood. " ✍️:@plantfolk📷 :@plantfolk
Tomorrow we're gathering at a Community Garden in Santa Ana! Our buddy Mario is hosting, he's a teenager who teaches his peers to be OG: organic gardeners. We have so much respect for this young changemaker.  RSVP via the link in @sustainablybry

11:30am – Arrive & Settle in
12:00pm – Deep Connection Activity (Don’t be late or you’ll miss it!)
1:00pm - Garden Tour with Mario 
1:30pm – Personal Check-Ins (Sharing your personal emotional or mental processes, struggles and triumphs)
3:00pm – Open Networking & Mingling Time
4:00pm – Collaboration Circle – Share & Discuss Your Work
5:00pm – Closing Reflections
5:30pm – Event Ends

This fun afternoon will allow us to deepen our connections as a support network all working towards solutions that take into account the people and the planet. The foundation for change is community. Let this afternoon be a time to collaborate and become more empowered to step into our collective leadership.
"City or country, time spent walking, using our ancient skills of noticing, listening, connecting, story-telling is so healing.
So let's be #outsideeveryday !
WHERE’S YOUR FAVORITE OUTDOOR HAVEN?" ✍️:@thewomanwhomarriedabear 📷 :@thewomanwhomarriedabear
"Meet Anna Maria. If you’ve attended an event at #TheEcologyCenter in the last 2.5 years, you have Anna Maria to thank. She plans each event with love and attention to detail; from sourcing the best local food to making sure everything runs smoothly. And as you can see (swipe 👈) she’s also our resident beekeeper/whisperer 🐝
Anna Maria first fell in love with bees while working on an urban farm in her hometown of Reno. “I was in a dress and only wearing a veil for protection — not only did I not get stung, but instantly fell in love with bees and from there, took every opportunity I could to learn about beekeeping.”
With so many events happening all year long, it’s no surprise Anna Maria couldn’t choose just one favorite: “I love Community Table, which brings together an intimate group of 50 guests around the table for meaningful conversation around sustainable food. I also love our festivals like Earth Day and Maker's Market. If our trees could talk, they would share about the many smiling faces that have left our center with inspiration and tools to make positive change.
Her favorite simple solution? Carry a mason jar or Kleen Kanteen for coffee and other to-go beverages. “Once you do it for a couple weeks, it becomes second nature and you'll never have to hold a single-use cup or plastic lid again.” " ✍️:@theecologycenter 📷 :@theecologycenter
"Back in 2004, an oncologist unexpectedly found a way to improve her lung cancer patient's quality of life, when she injected them with a commonly found soil bacteria, in hopes of prolonging their life. Since then neuroscientists have injected the bacteria into mice and shown a direct relationship not only between the bacteria and less stressed behavior, but also found the bacteria activated neurons responsible for serotonin production, increasing levels of this "happy hormone."
While there is a great need for more rigorous research exploring the connection between soil and mental health, there is a growing body of evidence to support ecotherapy and the direct benefits of gardening programs on enhancing student performance, reducing prison recidivism, and improving overall mental health. " ✍️ 📷
"We processed mesquite pods grown at @arcosantiarizona by hand and served them as pancakes in the morning with prickly pear syrup. Yeah hyper-local food!" ✍️:@sustainablybry 📷 :@sustainablybry
Santa Ana People's Garden is the next rendezvous point! Here's photos from the last deep and beautiful but intimate meet-up when we were visited by a massive hawk! These are the roots that we are building together that will provide us what we need to guide our work and paths in a good way.

Come to meet new change-seekers and and enjoy a day in nature this Sunday:
Official RSVP in  @sustainablybry 's profile link


Empowering change seekers to cultivate lifestyles that regenerate the mind, body, soul and planet through transformative journeys and earth-based education. Our nature retreats blend personal development, permaculture education and spiritual exploration to support regenerative lifestyles and leadership.