10 Unexpected Ways to Take Back Your Political Power

With our current political climate, it is easy to adopt a mindset of fear and panic. You may feel powerless against the system and feel like the future is bleak for generations to come. Rather than hoping someone will save the day, remember that we have more power than we realize and can take matters into our own hands if we work together.

We can have a hugely positive impact on our planet even from our bedroom, in our pajamas. Why? Because the inner revolution IS the revolution. And what we do, no matter how small it may seem matters. 


1. Hack your brain back

In what ways have we been programmed to sit up straight, listen to authority, not critically think or ask questions about the way our system functions? In what ways have we been brain-washed into thinking that the public education we received was sufficient to reach our fullest potential or that the only way to success was to take out a fat student loan?

Ask yourself: What is it that we need to unlearn to regain our autonomy and ask critical questions that challenge the status quo if we see it isn’t effective?

Ask yourself: WHY do you believe what you believe? Is it strictly based on how your parents raised you, or how the media raised you?

Question everything: Set aside time to reflect on your habits, beliefs and stories that you tell yourself. Are they serving you? Are they true for you? Where did they come from?

Awareness is power. When we know who we are and what we believe, we have the “oomph” to go after what we want, live our truth and inspire others from a place of authentic alignment. It’s helpful to revisit your values and stick with friends, work and play that share the same values. It’s up to each individual to snap out of a zombified media-obsessed pack of sheep and learn about what matters on our own accord.

2. Vote with your dollar

The earth has finite resources yet corporations have goals of unlimited growth and manufacturing. So you know what we could put the brakes on just a little? Buying new and cheaply manufactured products. Most products in the US are produced overseas and this contributes massively to negative human and environmental impact and they usually break quickly and end up in landfills. You may not being getting such a good deal as you think you are. Why not try giving something used a home? There are treasures to be found everywhere, especially in the second-hand world. Everything from clothes to electronics, to furniture, to, well, everything.

Our political power extends way beyond the voting booth. As consumers we have a magical secret weapon: our wallets. Companies will follow trends informed by our buying habits, so the more we favor responsible supply chains, the better. Buying local and seasonal means less fossil fuels are burned to get what you need. Buying organic means that less toxic sprays are used on your food and blow into neighboring properties. Buying fair trade or from a trusted source means that an effort was made to make sure those producing the product are not being exploited. Keeping your money in a local and community owned credit union keeps your money away from big banks that are funding big oil pipelines. By supporting companies that are aligned with our values we are creating a seriously positive ripple in the world of business which spills out into our communities and our planet. As the saying goes, money talks and there is power in numbers. Even if you don’t think you can afford this shift, really look at where your money is going and consider giving up any guilty pleasures for higher quality and more sustainable choices.

3. Use gratitude as a revolutionary act

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, (and we are constantly getting messages from the media are our society that we are NOT good enough) we seek to fill that void through external possessions and experiences. This is great for corporations that actually profit off of all of these things that we buy, but not so good for us or the earth. But the good news is, we can fight back with our choice to be satisfied with what we have. When we are grateful and satisfied, we don’t need to fill our voids with being consumers. Instead we can find happiness and joy in the simple things in life.  

By consciously choosing to focus on what is good and positive in our lives, we are actually re-wiring our brains. There is a reason many spiritual teachers and even scientists have claimed that gratitude goes hand in hand with happiness. This means that we can be consumers of quality time spent with friends and family as opposed to video games. That we can be consumers and creators of storytelling and music around a campfire instead of a night out at the club. When we are full of simplistic joy, we are satisfied and we don’t need alcohol, fancy toys or a house-full of material possessions. Gratitude acts as a powerful antidote to the pitfalls of constant dissatisfaction and neediness that comes with capitalism and consumerism. In other words, ‘take control and flip the switch on the happiness vacuum’. Thanks to Joanna Macy for bringing “gratitude as a revolutionary act” to our awareness. Leading by example is powerful and those around you notice this energetic shift. It takes just one match to start a wildfire, so by igniting that fire of gratitude, you are reclaiming your power and stoking the fires of others.

4. Start a talking circle in your neighborhood

Earth Journeys: Uniting Changemakers Monthly Meetup

Earth Journeys: Uniting Changemakers Monthly Meetup

You know what really empowers people? Connection. This is why Alcoholics Anonymous is so effective, it brings people together who are isolated and creates community. Love is contagious. And so many of us walk around feeling cut off from ourselves and from each other. We are social creatures and need each other to survive. So much of creating positive change is reliant on the connections that we build. It allows us to feel safe and valued in our community and it allows us to expand our minds and band together.

Getting together with your community not only encourages love and connection but it is also an ancient practice that can facilitate the creation and implementation of solutions to major societal challenges. Host a World Cafe with your neighborhood to harvest collective wisdom and create a plan of action for how to tackle issues in your community.

5. Flex Collective Voting Power

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of how to change policy, it really comes down to two things: money or votes. If you’re not a billionaire who is willing to use “creative” methods to influence decision makers, then it comes down to showing voting power. How do our communities flex our voting power? We organize. Politicians want to stay in office and can be swayed if they know that voters care about a specific issue. If their real mailbox is flooded with handwritten letters, this speaks volumes to what matters to those who actually vote. Using this method, 6,000 letters were written in Ojai, CA to protect the wetlands and natural habitat there. This is just one small example and creativity can be used in full effect- maybe you throw a party where everyone calls their local representatives around an issue that matters. What’s important is to show that real people spent actual time to show they want change.

6. Grow Your Own Food

There are many great reasons why growing your own food is important. One of them being is it creates independence. The key to political empowerment? Self-sufficiency. When we can stand on our own feet and produce our own food, we are taking our power back from large scale food corporations that use harmful chemicals and negatively impact our earth through shipping in produce that is not local. Starting our own garden fuels us to make change on our own instead of relying on outside sources that may not have our best interests at heart. Not only will this be a superhero surge of confidence knowing that we can provide healthy food for ourselves, but it is incredibly rewarding and soul-nourishing. Growing your own food is also a fantastic way to connect with your neighbors in a community garden. Read about 6 steps to starting a community garden here.


7. Feed Your Brain with Truth and Knowledge

Earth Journeys: Sustainable Living Tour 2016

Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power and the more we learn the less easily we will be swayed by the influence of others. Since the dawn of the internet, we literally have a universe of information at our fingertips and it is the easiest it has ever been to take our education into our own hands. There are tons of free educational resources out there just waiting for us! Sift through topics that you are interested in and want to know more of and form your own views about the world. YouTube will always surprise you. 😉  

One reason why our political system, our food system, our health and consumerism (amongst many other things) are in shambles is because we have been following our leaders blindly and accepting what we are told when the mainstream media is controlled by wealthy groups who put their own spin on stories. Fact check to the best of your ability from primary sources. 

8. Connect with other changemakers and inspired individuals

Earth Journeys: Uniting Changemakers Monthly Meetup

There is a saying: what is kept to oneself diminishes and what is shared expands.  Join local sustainability/health/wellness/personal development meetups in your area to learn something new and to share perspectives. When we have a support system of like-minded individuals, we feel that much more empowered to move forward. Think of it as your own personal cheerleading squad encouraging you and holding your hand along the way. Through collective efforts, we can come up with solutions to social, business, educational and environmental issues and reinvent  what it means to be a citizen of planet earth. In fact, join one of Earth Journeys, Uniting Changemakers meet-ups in Southern California. The next one is August 20th in San Diego area!

9. Take Back Your Health: Food is Medicine

Earth Journeys: Sustainable Living Tour 2016

As we know, what we eat has a tremendous impact on our well-being. Diseases thrive in acidic environments. This is why acidic foods such as sodas, sugary snacks, alcohol and chips wreak havoc on our health and cause us to fall ill. Not to mention toxic chemicals in our food and the use of pesticides. It really is true that we are what we eat and in this day and age our society is plagued with chronic illness and disease.

When we take control and invest in our health and well-being we are taking a political act to prevent giving our money to big pharma and doctors who are trained to treat symptoms as opposed to spend long periods of time looking at the root. It is a sovereign act to choose to learn to harvest and make our own natural medicines, to eat whole-food diets, to forage highly medicinal and nutritional “weeds” for salads and avoid eating as many processed foods as we can. It is also a sovereign act to keep your immune system and body healthy by exercising daily, drinking plenty of water and finding personal wellness practices that resonate with you.

When we feel our best we feel lighter, happier, our minds feel sharper and we have more clarity to empower future generations to do the same. Food is medicine y’all! A truly healthy population is an autonomous independently thinking one.

10. Make Your City Your Canvas with Guerrilla Gardening

Permaculture Action Network

Do you dream of a greener, healthier city? Guerilla gardening to the rescue. Guerilla gardening is gardening without borders, no backyard? No problem. The entire city is yours.  Not only is this a way to revive and beautify overlooked abandoned spaces with lush plant-life, but it is a way to make the vision of regenerative living come to life. Not to mention a seriously creative way to provide healthy and organic food to the masses. Creative techniques like this can cause ripples in communities and open people up to a new way of thinking.

Guerrilla gardening is also a way to plant food on the earth without having to own land. It is a way of creating access to food for anyone who walks by. More green in our cities only encourages our communities to appreciate the beauty and value of plants, therefore inspiring further autonomous action.

“Our thoughts shape our spaces and our spaces return the favor” – Alain de Botton

If we consider our attitude, the way we live our lives, our buying choices, our preventive health practices, and our collaboration with our community as political acts, we will not only feel better and more whole as individuals but also contribute to a paradigm shift. It is a win-win way to take back our political power. When we feel whole, healthy and happy, we have more space in ourselves to give back to the world, to educate the poor, to steward the earth and to feel confident enough to start our own grassroots initiatives or, who knows, maybe even run for office.

It starts from within. One healthy, strong and powerful person can change the world. May we all be the change we wish to see and continue spreading these messages of autonomy and empowerment through acts of self-care and community engagement.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -” Howard Thurman

If you are ready to step into your power as grassroots leaders, we invite you to join our 12-day Sustainable Living Tour, October 1st.


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7 DIY Herbal Medicines for Campers (with Recipes!)

We are avid hikers, adventurous campers, and proud outdoorsy folk. We yearn for the connection with nature and the elements. The outdoors are a second home to us, so why would we want to trash this sacred space with toxic runoff and chemicals. Unfortunately, so many of the products we use to help us take on the elements have unforeseen consequences that extend past the damage done to our own bodies: things like BHT preservatives and mineral oil (a byproduct of petroleum oil) commonly found in sunscreen or bug spray can leach into fresh waters we bathe in and then into runoff systems.

We can connect deeper with our natural environments when we use plants as medicine. We can harness their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties to help protect and heal our bodies and minds, while also protecting our environment. Here are a few of my favorite plant remedies that are especially useful for outdoor excursions.

1. Comfrey Salve

7 DIY Herbal Medicines for Campers (with Recipes!)

A great salve for all skin afflictions, be it a wound, bite, scratch or rash, comfrey-based salves are wonderful to have with you on your outings. An antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, comfrey is a tough, leafy green that grows in abundance in North America. It is high in Calcium, Protein, Vitamin C, and Allantoin—which makes it great at healing tissue and bone when taken internally as a tea or tincture. Externally, you will feel quick relief using this salve on your camping battle wound.

Create your own salve by infusing dried comfrey into organic olive oil in a glass jar. Let that infusion sit in the sun for 2-4 weeks, making sure to gently shake it every day. You will come to love the daily ritual of connecting to your infusion. Once the properties of the plant have infused into the oil, you can begin to work with it. Heat up bees wax and shea butter in a double boiler and add the infused oil as well as any other nourishing oils and butters too. I like to add Vitamin E, Calendula Oil and Almond Oil. Pour the liquid into a glass or metal jar and let it cool before you enjoy it.

Add a dash of baking soda and bentonite clay for their itch neutralizing and detoxifying properties. Now your salve can help you deal with itchy bug bites and burning poison ivy rashes.

2. Essential Oil Insect Repellent

7 DIY Herbal Medicines for Campers (with Recipes!)
There are numerous natural alternatives to insect repellents that contain harmful toxins like DEET, which are terrible for our nervous system and the environment. Essential oils like citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, and rosemary help deter mosquitoes and other pests. Rose germanium is also known as a particularly potent tick repellant. It is super simple to make these your own affordable and potent repellent.
To make your own insect and tick repellent, simply mix 5-10 drops of citronella, rose germanium and any other essential oils you enjoy into a spray bottle of distilled water. Add some rose water or Vitamin E into the mixture for a skin moisturizing boost!

3. Skin Healing Sunscreen

While it’s important to catch some rays to convert into Vitamin D, which is crucial for optimal health, we also want to protect our skin from excessive UV by using a low SPR sunscreen. But at what cost? So many products sold in stores essentially burn chemicals into our skins. Avoid those toxins by making your own, low-cost sunscreen. The main ingredient here is non-nano zinc, which protects the skin very well from UV rays without all the extra chemicals. You can find non-nano zinc online or at a local health store and add it into your favorite lotion, coconut oil, or make your own sunscreen lotion.
To make the lotion, start a double boiler with any sort of oil or butter (I prefer Shea or Jojoba). Add in a smaller portion of coconut oil or almond oil. Add the non-nano zinc, vitamin E oil, and for an extra SPF some red raspberry seed oil or carrot seed oil. Mix well and pour into smaller containers. Let the concoction solidify as you make plans to conquer the outside world toxin free!

4. Arnica Salve

This is an excellent salve for muscle pains, bruises and sprains. Run some on your sore muscles at the end of the long hike for relief. If you include some cayenne pepper into the salve, it will give you a hot sensation—great for cold nights or more potent relief!
To make this salve, follow the instructions for the comfrey salve above. Use your arnica infused oil and add the cayenne into the blend.

Warning: arnica is only to be used externally—do not use on an open wound.

5. Meadowsweet Tincture

This wonderful plant has therapeutic properties that relieve headache, indigestion, heartburn, and inflammation pain. It is like aspirin without the nasty side effects. Simply grab this off the shelf of your local health food store.

6. Jewelweed

Jewelweed is a wonderful plant for poison ivy relief and luckily it usually grows near poison ivy. If you find it, you could create a poultice by chewing it up and place it on the infected area. Similarly, plantain leaf is a commonly found plant that serves as a natural antimicrobial band-aid.

7. Activated Charcoal Tablets

These are great to have in your kit because they help in the unfortunate circumstance of food poisoning, diarrhea, and parasites. The activated charcoal absorbs the toxins in the system and allows you to excrete them out. Drink a lot of water throughout the day to help the detoxifying process along.

Bonus: Healing Teas

7 DIY Herbal Medicines for Campers (with Recipes!)

Some great teas to have with you are Chamomile, Peppermint and Echinacea. Each serves a different and functional purpose on your adventure. Chamomile will help you relax and find some deep sleep after a long day, not that you need any help falling asleep after that last hike! It can also double as a poultice for rashes, burns and bug bites. Peppermint is a great herbal tea to settle the stomach or relief constipation. Echinacea is an incredibly supportive herb for its immune boosting properties. Drinking this tea consistently will help ward away any colds or infection. This is a wonderful tincture to have on hand as well.

You can get most of these recipes at any local health foodstore, but my go-to for bulk herb purchases is

If you’re curious about medicinal and native plants, sustainable farming, community living and camping you can join a 12-day bus-trip with 30 other change-makers, camping at the top sustainable living centers in Southern California! Here is your opportunity to be guided through a life changing experience taking classes at ecovillages and permaculture farms from instructors who live what they teach.

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10 Ways to Empower Youth Leadership

According to the Knight Foundation, statistics also show a gap. ‘Often that energy, that desire to contribute or lead, is going unsupported and untapped, they said.’ Teens and young adults don’t always see a place for their voice and their work.’ They feel unwelcome, perhaps a result of negative messages about youth coming from adults and even the media.

We are running out of time to solve the climate crisis. Every day it seems more people are calling out for climate action, but still, every time global leaders meet they fail to reach binding agreements to curb greenhouse gasses.

Youth around the world feel fear and despair when they think about what climate change could mean for their future. While this generation has the most at stake when it comes to preventing climate chaos, many young people don’t know where to start in addressing this huge issue. Many youth are looking for ways to be a part of the solution, but need the training and support to take the next step.

In light of the issue we are facing, here is a list of 10 ways that you can start empowering your children to be positive youth leaders NOW:

1. Give the youth tools to collaborate and problem solve, brainstorm and reflect.

Providing youth with the information and resources necessary for analyzing issues that affect their lives and environments will help them become strong strategizers on ways to act as change agents in their communities.

2. Encourage them to use their passions for good.

Guiding youth to use what their passions and creativity to share positive messages or bring attention to issues they care about will allow them to find purpose within their passion and use the power of their joy to share important messages.

3. Guide them to believe that their voice matters without judging or criticizing their ideas.

Empowering youth to understand that their voice makes a huge difference in this world and that all ideas are worth exploring will only give them more motivation and fuel to continue strengthening their own power for change.

4. Guide them to understand that people will not always want to listen, just because we would like them to but to not take it personally.

Helping youth to understand that not everyone is going to respond the way you hope they would and that some people may not be ready to hear what you want to share will support their confidence. It’s important to let youth know that when someone doesn’t listen to them, allow that to only make them stronger.

5. Help them learn that sometimes even the most fabulous idea may need a bit more logistical planning.

Guiding youth to help them understand that all visions and ideas take time to make sure they are realistic and well thought through. Help them to know that there are different stages to a project and the first stage is having an idea but there are many stages after that. This will help them understand the full process and not get stuck on one idea.

6. Help youth develop habits, that in the end, they can sustain without ‘suggestions’ or prodding.

Good habits produce sustainable leaders. Youth that have good habits for their own well-being and constant personal progression that they enjoy will help them become strong leaders on their own.

7. Give youth a chance for them to fail but help them to learn to succeed.

Let youth know that failing is not a bad thing to happen, it’s actually important to find out what went wrong so they can improve and make it better the next time they try. Often the way to success is through failure.

8. Employ storytelling of successful youth leadership to counteract negative messages about young people.

Encourage youth to speak about to their triumphs often, to share their victories across all media platforms to reinforce the positive change that has occurred. This will empower more positive action to continue and give youth more foundation and support to work from.

9. Invite the youth to launch a project or idea and support their progress.

Support youth in implementing their project once they feel they have come up with a good strategy and support them along the way. Allowing them to carry out their vision with the encouragement and coaching support will be an empowering experience and let them feel supported in their process.

10. Help them become involved with a youth sustainability program.

Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth (RYSE) is a collective of youth-led groups that envision a greener and healthier earth through empowerment through education and re-creating our relationships with nature. It’s time for each of us to support the leadership of generations to come who will be most affected by the global crisis of climate change.